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8 04 2009



Los Angeles, CA – April 6th – Lauren Berger, “The Intern Queen”, officially launches her website,, to help students search and apply for FREE internship listings at over 400 hard-to-reach companies like Marvel, Nascar, MovieLine, Universal Pictures Group, NBC, Seventeen Magazine, etc.  Berger’s internship listings have attracted over 20,000 students from around the world each month., (, provides students with an internship expert. They no longer need to email their resumes to automated websites. They can reach out and personally ask The Intern Queen their questions and send her their resumes directly. This gives the user a more personal experience. Finding an internship can be a very challenging task, The Intern Queen makes students feel like they have someone on their side.

The site features tons of original content:

·         How to Get an Internship in Entertainment,

·         Internships Change in Today’s Economy,

·         High School Internships Increase in Tough Economy,

 The new also features “Extra Internship Coaching Services” and
“Resume/Cover Letter Makeover Services” for Students. Employers can also post internships with the Intern Queen.

Berger is dubbed “The Intern Queen” after completing 15 internships during her four years of college. She travels around the country speaking to students about the importance of internships. “I’m bridging the gap between students and their futures. When I was in school, there was no one to help me get an internship and learn to make the most of it. I can be that person for students,” says Berger. She has appeared on television shows across the nation speaking about internships and is currently running her business out of Los Angeles. Berger’s listings are powered by Quarterlife (, Hollywood Producer, Marshall Herskovitz’s site. She is also the current spokesperson for University of Dreams Programs,



“The Intern Queen is the first place we look to provide our production company with incredible candidates. She always delivers!” – Sony Pictures / Out Of The Blue Entertainment.

“Your personal service gives the applicant a sense of comfort in knowing that there is someone is looking out for them. With other internship sites, you feel as though you’re sending your resume into a sea of others, blindly, almost. The Intern Queen’s way of getting us internships is very unique because it’s kind of like a recommendation.” Simone Porter, Student, Five Towns College.

“Lauren, the Intern Queen, was eager and willing to help me get an
internship in the Entertainment Industry. She was able to forward my
resume to all the right people, and in just a week I was hired as an
intern for one of my dream companies!” – Stephanie Ramos,Student, University of California, Irvine








Write the Perfect Thank You Note

10 02 2009

I know that it sounds very ‘old school’ but you MUST send a Hand-Written Thank You note after each internship interview. Here are some guidelines on what to include, when to send, etc.


·         WRITE IT. I know it sounds corny but sending a  hand-written note is thoughtful and shows that you wanted to go the extra mile. You could easily send an email but you are NOT going to do that. You are going to send the perfect Thank You Note. This shows that you pay attention to detail and don’t mind a slight inconvenience when it comes to your job.


·         INVEST IN STATIONARY. You will rarely hear me tell you to invest in something but I do suggest buying a nice simple stationary set with your name written on the top. My personal stationary is on small rectangular paper. It is cream colored with a dark red border and reads Lauren Berger on the top. This sort of stationary looks more professional than picking up a box of Thank You cards at the drugstore. Remember to keep this simple – no crazy colors or wild patterns. Think sharp and sophisticated when picking out your stationary.


·         GREET THE EMPLOYER PROPERLY. If the employer told you to call them by their first name, put the first name on the card. If you are at all hesitant than use their last name with a Mr. Mrs. Or Ms.


·         4 LINER. Your Thank You Note should be approximately four lines. The first line should express your thanks for the employer taking time out of their day to sit down with you. The second line should reference your conversation. Line 3 should reiterate that you are extremely interested in the position and Line 4 should state your follow up plans. Below is a sample Thank You Note:




Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with me today. I really enjoyed hearing about your career path and the responsibilities of the position. I’m extremely interested in working with you and becoming a part of your team. Again, thank you so much for meeting with me and I’ll follow up with you in one week. Have a wonderful weekend.



Lauren Berger


·         SIGN IT. Make sure you sign your name and don’t forget. I always use “Best” when closing out a letter. Make sure your signature is legible !


·         NO FRILLIES. This means no drawing flowers, butterflies, or writing your name in pretty bubble letters. There should be no extra markings on the envelope.


·         GET IT OUT. If you can get out a Thank You Note, in the same day as you interviewed, that would be great. Get to the Post Office ASAP. Don’t let the employer say, “Where is that Thank You note?”


I aked my Tweeps in the Twitterverse if they had any Thank You Note pointers:


“Don’t wait – do it the SECOND you get home! ” @GinaLaGuardina,


“Tell them to keep it short and sincere.” @Klrabbit,


“Handwritten. Also send it within a couple days. I forgot for several days once and ended up overnighting it.” @obrienmedia,






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Cliff Notes on Thank You Notes:,articleId-27783.html





Create the Perfect Cover Letter

3 01 2009

As much as we might not like them, cover letters are still a necessary part of the internship application process. Many professionals suggest that a Cover Letter or “CL” is more important than a resume. Cover Letters are your “on paper” greeting and introduction to potential employers. When applying for internships, you should send both a cover letter and a resume. At the bottom of your resume, I suggest including the following statement:  *References are available upon request. If a company wants to view additional materials and/or letters of reccomendation, they will let you know.


Tips on How To Create The Perfect Cover Letter

  • Think in 3. Your cover letter should consist of 3 paragraphs. When planning what material to put in your CL make a list with 3 categories : Intro, Professional, Personal. Read on to determine the best place to put all of your information.

  • Introduce Yourself ! The first paragraph should be an introduction. Explain who you are, where you go to school, your major, and the specific position you are applying for.

  • What have you ever done ? The second paragraph of your CL should clearly state why you are professionally qualified for the position. Explain your previous work experience. Concentrate on relevant work and describe why the skills you learned at other jobs/internships will help you with this position.

  • What do you have to offer? The third and final paragraph should be used to really SELL yourself and your personal attributes. Are you extremely honest or loyal ? Maybe you are a perfectionist or a team player. List your positive characteristics and explain why these make you perfect for the job.

  • Google It. I hope you’ve already looked up and “googled” you company at this point. If not, check ’em out online and try to find the company mission statement. This is usually located on the “about us” page of a company website. Try to use parts of the mission statement in the final sentances of your CL. This demonstrates your knowledge of the company and their goals.

An example of this would be ” I’ve read about your company and how you value teamwork and creating new leaders. My strong work ethic and ability to work well with others will allow me to flourish in that environment. I look forward to speaking with you further. Thank you for your time.”

  • Sign it. Unsure how to close your letter ? Use “Best,”  that is always my “go to” with all business communication.

  • Short and Sweet. This cover letter should NOT exceed one page. You want to explain who you are and why you are best for this job but you DON’T want to carry on. If they are interested in you, you can save the details for the interview. Stick to the point. State it clearly and close the letter. Each paragraph should be at least 3-4 sentances.

  • Spell Check. I am a horrible speller and always using spell check in my formal letters. Make sure to check your spelling and then double and triple check it with your eyes or another set of eyes.

  • Share It. After completing your CL I suggest sharing it with a parent, teacher, or friend. This is just to make sure that everything flows right and that you come across appropriately. Student’s tend to ‘carry on’ about themselves or come across as ‘bragging’ which you want to avoid. You should come across as a professional.

  • Nothing Fancy. I have been sent some crazy cover letters with pictures, fonts, and crazy colors. I know that Elle Woods might have used pink paper but I suggest using a Cream-Colored paper to print your resume or cover letter. Anything considered a neutral tone is fine. Stay away from anything to distracting. YOU want to standout, not your paper. Also, please DO NOT attach any photos of yourself. Those are discarded immediately at some companies because of discrimination laws. Again, we want you to be interviewed because you are perfect for the position NOT because of your looks. I suggest using a basic TIMES NEW ROMAN font with a size 12. Anything basic is fine. Make sure your letter is clear and legible.

I wanted to know what other professionals thought about Cover Letters. I asked my pals on Twitter. Read their advice below:

” A cover letter should sell the person, tell a little of their knowledge of the company they are applying to and use examples of jobs to highlight skills.” – @Deltavogue, Monica Rowland, Professional Entrepreneur & Wellness Blogger.

“I want to see specific examples of work they’ve done that’s relevant to the position, NOT exaggerated words, or repetitive sentences.” @Jessicah07, Jessica Hoffman, Public Relations Executive.

“A Cover Letter is more important than a resume.  It shows how much they know about the company, how much they WANT to be a part of your business.” @JMegonigal, Jordana Megonigal, Editor-In-Chief at ShowCase Publishing in Greenville, SC.

“Simple Serif or Sans (either) is fine. 10 or 12 point font is best. No crazy fonts, colors, or perfume (Elle Woods is not real!)” @JPMegonigal, Jordana Megonigal, Editor-In-Chief at ShowCase Publishing in Greenville, SC.

 “TNR (Times New Roman) or Courier New, 12pt. Anything lower makes for difficult reading.” @Jennipps, Jennifer Nipps, Freelance Writer.

“Font size 10 is too small. 11 or even 12. An easy-to-read font is best – TNR, Arial, BellMT, Verdana, Garamond, Courier New.” @claudinerenee, Claudine Mialink, College Career Specialist.

“Lose the cliches. Every applicant is “good with people.” Show, don’t tell.” @Nooozeguy, Josh Fialkoff, Internet Marketing Specialist.

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Practice Interview Questions For Your Internship

19 12 2008

Have an internship interview coming up ? Do you want to make sure you are prepared ? Check out these REAL questions that come from REAL internship coordinators on Print this out and use as a practice ! Good luck !


Note: I will update this list frequently.

Common Interview Questions for Internships

What are you looking to get out of this internship?

(Internship Coordinator at Nu Image Films)


What is your long term goal in the industry?

(Internship Coordinator at Nu Image Films)


What are some of your favorite movies and why ?

(Internship Coordinator, Polsky Films)


Give me a logline for your favorite film – as if you are selling it to me ?

(Internship Coordinator, Polsky Films)


What is your biggest weakness and why ?

(Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen)


What is your strongest attribute that you really bring to the table ?

(Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen)


What kind of tasks would you like to be involved with ?

(Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen)


If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be ?

(Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen)


Can you recall a situation where you were a leader ?

(Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen)


If you commit to this internship, what does that mean to you ?

(Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen)


What is it that you want to do within the industry ?

(Internship Coordinator, Intrepid Pictures)


Are you bothered by profanity in movies ?

(Internship Coordinator, Jinks/Cohen Productions)


What do you know about the company ?

(Internship Coordinator, Imax Corporation)


What interests you about working in this industry ?

(Internship Coordinator, Imax Corporation)


 Helpful Links

AdHoles Weblog:


Do I start Applying for Summer Internships Now ?

1 12 2008

Q: Hi Lauren, I was browsing through the internships you have posted at (which I heard about through the excellent 
CollegeJolt blog) and I found that one internship I was particularly 
interested in, The Lippin Group in New York, seems to be missing the 
“Apply Now” link. If you could supply the contact info, I would be 
very grateful.

On a side note, when do companies typically start accepting 
applications for summer interns? The answers I’ve heard so far have 
been very inconsistent — do I worry now?



A: Hey Josh, If the APPLY NOW button isn’t functioning properly just start an email directly to me at and copy/paste your resume into the body of the email. Please indicate the semester and company in the subject of the email. I’m so glad you found something you are interested in. The Lippin Group sounds like a wonderful place to intern and I know they are looking !

As far as summer internships go, it really depends on the company. The formal internship programs can have deadlines of anywhere from Nov. 1st to March 15th. Other companies will have the deadlines stretch until end of March/April. It really depends on what you are looking for. But DO NOT WORRY – I always tell my students to start applying after the New Year for summer internships with the deadline of March 15th as a pretty good one to go by. If you are applying for internships with ATAS, NYTIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, WASH POST please check their websites because they have EARLY deadlines.

Good luck.


Lauren Berger- The Intern Queen 

Q: If a company offers a Spring Internship will they have a Summer Program ?

1 12 2008

Q: Hello ! My name is Shakendra. I am a student at Bethune-Cookman University located in Daytona Beach, Fl. I am majoring in Mass Communications and my goal is to learn what it takes to become a film producer. I do have a few questions about the internships. Companies such as Lionsgate, Aversano Films and Varisty Pictures, do they offer summer internships? And my second question is do you provide housing and transportation?

Please email me at your earliest convience. Thank you for your time.
A: Hi Shakendra ! That is great that you want to be a movie producer and I think an internship at one of the companies you’ve mentioned or any other production company/studio on my site would be a wonderful step for you. All of the companies you mentioned will offer Summer internships. For the most part, all of the film-related internships will have Spring and Summer postings. The only companies that won’t offer Summer Internships are the sports-related companies because they can be seasonal. Most of the internships should say “Spring or Summer” and I ask that students indicate the semester in the subject line of their emails to me. Good luck ! (I’m from Florida too)
Best, Lauren – The Intern Queen

More Q & A with the Intern Queen

21 11 2008

Q: Hello! I believe I emailed you before with my resume attached, i 
am a singer/writer/musician and entrepreneur. I am 
really passionate about my music and i really want to get wherever to 
be seen. I have been writing since i was 11 and singing since I was 4, I love singing. I recently moved to NY, because it seemed like the place for people with passion like myself, now that i am here, i am recording and writing constantly, but i want more.  So I am asking to work to get where i want to be, as an intern, because i have been informed of the access to the industry it provides. Thank you.

– C

A: C, Don’t feel bad about your situation at all. In fact, I’m so proud of you for moving to NYC to really follow and pursue your passion in the first place. Many people don’t have the courage to do something like that. I think that understanding all aspects of the industry that you desire to work in is extremely important. An internship can definitly help you get a foot in the door and help you get a feel for how the “business” side of music is run. That might in turn help you with your music and find your niche. Also, you might find that working on the business side of music will satisfy you until your personal music career takes off. I’ll take another look at your resume and send it to whichever music postings I have in the New York City area. Please follow up with me in two weeks and let me know if you’ve heard anything.


Lauren Berger

“The Intern Queen”