“The Intern Queen is the first place we look to provide our production company with incredible candidates. She always delivers!” – Sony Pictures / Out Of The Blue Entertainment
“Lauren Berger of Quarterlife really is the ‘Intern Queen’. Since the moment I emailed her my resume’ and cover letter, I have been getting calls for interviews at least 3 times a week.  I have interviewed everywhere from Jennifer Lopez company, Nuyorica, to Tiger Beat Magazine, and just the other day I landed an internship at Lionsgate Studios. I recommend Quarterlife, for anyone trying to get their foot in the door in the entertainment industry.” – Jacob Alatriste,Student,Full Sail



“Your internship site is great. It is very helpful and allows you to explore based on your interests. I’m interested in media internships ( magazines, PR), and all my options were very easy to view and learn more about. The only other internship sight I have explore is MonsterTrak. It is nothing in comparison to yours.I think you are very helpful, personable, and make it a very exciting and hopeful process!” – Isabella Crisman, Student, University of California – Santa Barbara

“Your personal service gives the applicant a sense of comfort in knowing that there is someone is looking out for them. With other internship sites, you feel as though you’re sending your resume into a sea of others, blindly, almost.The Intern Queen’s way of getting us internships is very unique because it’s kind of like a recommendation.” Simone Porter, Student, Five Towns College


“I haven’t been to any other internship sites but in comparison to my school’s job board, your site looks great.” – Andrew Sherman, Student, USC


“ You were fast in response, very accurate with matching me up with internships that would benefit me. That were of my personal interest. This was the first internship site that I’ve explored. I love the intern Queen’s way of getting internships because its up to date, better than looking in papers or scoping out bulletins around campus.” – Malik Turner, Student, Community College of Allgehny County


“I found the personal attention very helpful and you had excellent opportunities available.” – Gillian Brown, Emory University


“I’ve just used services at my school. Cornell provided me with your website.You list in one easy website the name, location, time span, and company hiring for internship opportunities.” – Matilda Goldman, Student, Cornell


“I haven’t been a user for all that long but your site is a wonderful plethora of internships and opportunity. As a recent grad, it’s a godsend.” – Rachel Raczka, Student, Northeastern University


“You are great because you email me back and don’t take months to do so. You are very helpful and persistent, you email people back as soon as you can and you give helpful advice, you’re great!” – Kelli Sutherland, Community College of Baltimore

“Yours is a little better then other internship sites. I use,” – Kyle Nolan, Student, Cortland University



“We got several excellent candidates through the Quarterlife Internship Program.  Resumes started coming in right after our post and within a few weeks our hiring was done.  I’ll definitely use this resource again for Spring & Summer interns.  Highly recommended.” – Internship Coordinator, Jinks/Cohen Productions.


“The intern queen is an essential resource for anyone wishing to pursue an entertainment internship.  I sent my resume into numerous entertainment career sites and never heard a word from any potential employers.  Lauren at Quarterlife not only helped me get in contact with the key personnel at my chosen internship sites, she even called to let me know they’d be in touch!” 

-Roxanne Benjamin, Carnegie Mellon University


“The intern queen was incredibly helpful in securing an internship.  I’ve recommended her site to a few of my film buddies that are looking for internships as well.”  -Thomas Agee, Cal State University Fullerton

“Lauren, the Intern Queen, was eager and willing to help me get an
internship in the Entertainment Industry. She was able to forward my
resume to all the right people, and in just a week I was hired as an
intern for one of my dream companies!” – Stephanie Ramos, University of California, Irvine

“Quarterlife has tons of great internships.  Since it is up-to-date, it provides relevant opportunities that can’t be found in many other places. My internship site got back to me within the day that I emailed Lauren my resume.  They hired me at the interview.” – Chloe, Emerson College


“The Intern Queen is the real deal! She helped me with my search and put my resume in the right hands. The next day, I got a call for an interview. A few days later, I got the internship! Lauren should be the first person you talk with about internships.” – Nick Moceri, College Student


“Lauren Berger and her site helped us get the fabulous editorial interns we needed for Fall 2008. I look forward to working with her again!” – Marc Cuenco, Associate Editor – BOP and Tiger Beat magazines


“Intern Queen [the website] has allowed me to find the internship of my dreams that I thought wouldn’t be possible. Her (Ms. Berger) kindness and devotion to helping students really defined the experience – I would recommend Ms. Berger’s site to all students – it is full of great opportunities.” – Ani Khashadoorian, College Student


“Without the intern queen and all her help I wouldn’t have been able to get my current internship.  She kept me on track and made sure I reached my goal. Without her website and her hard work, all these opportunities might not have been available to me. I definitely plan on checking her website for future internship positions.” – Krystle Santos, College Student

“Lauren is a fantastic speaker, but more importantly, she represents to the students by her personal example, that with tenacity, planning, great enthusiasm, optimism and the ability to translate a ‘no’ into a ‘yes,’ your dreams can come true.” – Marlene Simon, Career Services Director, Mt. St. Mary’s College



“ was extremely helpful. Lauren constantly sent me resumes from qualified candidates, which provided me with an amazing intern for the fall semester. I will definitely be using quarterlife interns in the future!”  – Tamerri Ater, Sales Assistant, Marie Claire Magazine


“The internship search on was very successful for me.
Lauren’s personal communication makes you feel like you’re in very
good hands. She put me in touch with great contacts less than a month
after I signed on for the first time and I got a fantastic internship
a very soon after. Thank you Lauren!”  – Meagan Asplin, University of Colorado Student – Placed in Internship.

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17 12 2008
Zackery Moore

Love this section. I’ve got to get some reviews about me. Got to keep up with you.


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