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8 04 2009



Los Angeles, CA – April 6th – Lauren Berger, “The Intern Queen”, officially launches her website,, to help students search and apply for FREE internship listings at over 400 hard-to-reach companies like Marvel, Nascar, MovieLine, Universal Pictures Group, NBC, Seventeen Magazine, etc.  Berger’s internship listings have attracted over 20,000 students from around the world each month., (, provides students with an internship expert. They no longer need to email their resumes to automated websites. They can reach out and personally ask The Intern Queen their questions and send her their resumes directly. This gives the user a more personal experience. Finding an internship can be a very challenging task, The Intern Queen makes students feel like they have someone on their side.

The site features tons of original content:

·         How to Get an Internship in Entertainment,

·         Internships Change in Today’s Economy,

·         High School Internships Increase in Tough Economy,

 The new also features “Extra Internship Coaching Services” and
“Resume/Cover Letter Makeover Services” for Students. Employers can also post internships with the Intern Queen.

Berger is dubbed “The Intern Queen” after completing 15 internships during her four years of college. She travels around the country speaking to students about the importance of internships. “I’m bridging the gap between students and their futures. When I was in school, there was no one to help me get an internship and learn to make the most of it. I can be that person for students,” says Berger. She has appeared on television shows across the nation speaking about internships and is currently running her business out of Los Angeles. Berger’s listings are powered by Quarterlife (, Hollywood Producer, Marshall Herskovitz’s site. She is also the current spokesperson for University of Dreams Programs,



“The Intern Queen is the first place we look to provide our production company with incredible candidates. She always delivers!” – Sony Pictures / Out Of The Blue Entertainment.

“Your personal service gives the applicant a sense of comfort in knowing that there is someone is looking out for them. With other internship sites, you feel as though you’re sending your resume into a sea of others, blindly, almost. The Intern Queen’s way of getting us internships is very unique because it’s kind of like a recommendation.” Simone Porter, Student, Five Towns College.

“Lauren, the Intern Queen, was eager and willing to help me get an
internship in the Entertainment Industry. She was able to forward my
resume to all the right people, and in just a week I was hired as an
intern for one of my dream companies!” – Stephanie Ramos,Student, University of California, Irvine









7 04 2009

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Green Vermont Jobs

6 04 2009

If you’re in the middle of searching for Vermont jobs, as countless Americans now are, there possibly could be a job suitable for you among the green collar industry.

There has been a plenty of ideas about the environmentally-friendly collar industry in past years, and that’s not expected to switch any stage presently, while excess eco-friendly jobs are being created and extra local, state and federal funds is being slated to becoming more environmentally well-disposed.

An environmental position is typically any work that straightaway contributes to minimizing our biological touch, whether it’s through creating technology or giving ideas. As a lot of ecologically aware jobs require out-of-door labor, which isn’t too surprising because of the manner of the job, there additionally are lots of indoors jobs that are nevertheless considered to be green.

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Philadelphia Jobs Seekers Undergo Criminal Background Checks

6 04 2009

Whenever you’re a vocation seeker for Philadelphia jobs or a clientele owner, prospects are you’re to be expected to have to consider a criminal background check in one manner or another.

Along the company stand point, back ground cheques are able to preserve anyone of getting marked for inappropriate employee law suits and substantiate you come across whatever false material a likely employee submits in a CV or interview. From the trade looker stand-point, felon history assessment tolerate you to establish yourself to a potential hirer.

Criminal history examination may adjust from learning ones societal surety numeral and trade past to investigating a quantity of excess articles, in accordance to to an description by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act directs data is and ideas is un tolerated to be encompassed in a criminal history judgement.

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Denver Finance Jobs for Credit Checkers

6 04 2009

Positions for credit checkers will be among the harder-to-get Denver finance jobs in the coming years.

Credit checkers investigate the history and credit standing of individuals or businesses applying for credit. This is mainly done by calling or writing various credit departments in order to obtain information about an applicant’s credit standing.

According to the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, competition for available credit checker positions will be tough during the near future, as the total number of jobs is expected to decrease.

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Job Openings in Miami Slashed by Local Newspaper

6 04 2009

A top local newspaper is the latest to shed job openings in Miami.

The Miami Herald Media Company recently announced that it plans to eliminate 49 jobs in the near future through voluntary buyouts and involuntary layoffs. The cutbacks will most likely affect all divisions of the company.

“These actions come in response to the volatility of the economic recovery, a situation that is affecting many industries,” President and Publisher David Landsberg said.

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What Grocery Jobs are Available?

6 04 2009

There are a ton of opportunities when it comes to grocery jobs.

The grocery store industry is traditionally made up of supermarkets and convenience stores that primarily sell a variety of food and secondarily sell some non-food items. However, there has been more pressure on grocery stores to adapt and expand to meet the changing lifestyles of humans.

There were about 85,200 grocery stores throughout America during 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 25,900 of those were convenience stores, but because convenience stores only employ a few people, they only make up 6 percent of the industry’s total employment.

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