About the Intern Queen

Interns At Work.
Interns At Work.

Lauren Berger created Intern Queen Inc. in May of 2006 while finishing college at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Lauren had been dubbed “The Intern Queen” by local and national press after participating in fifteen internships during her four years of college. FOX, NBC, MTV, BWR Public Relations are some of the companies that stand out on her resume. As “The Intern Queen”, Berger developed an internship consulting service and an intern-themed clothing line, Internal EthiKs. She picked up the award for “Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at the 2007-2008 Stevie Awards in Vegas last year.

Lauren relocated to Los Angeles in 2006 post-graduation and immediately started working for a top player at Creative Artists Agency. Through her job at the agency, Lauren was introduced to Marshall Herskovitz, a major Hollywood Producer, very interested in Lauren’s internship business. Herskovitz brought Lauren into his company to create the Quarterlife Internship Program Powered by The Intern Queen. Together, they have created the best internship listing site on the internet, connecting students and employers. The new site is www.quarterlife.com/intern.

Lauren is from Clearwater, Florida. She attended Florida State University (FSU) and graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF). Lauren is a featured blogger on WomenEntrepreneur.com. She is published in MTV/Frommer’s EUROPE book and has also been published in US WEEKLY, SEVENTEEN, NICKELODEON, NY FAMILY, AXIS, TALENT IN MOTION, NYCOOL.COM, JUSTINE, and more.  Below are some of the links that Lauren/Intern Queen has been mentioned in:

Intern Queen's Blog on WomenEntrepreneur.com: http://savvy.entrepreneur.com/?page_id=6
The Los Angeles Business Journal on Intern Queen: http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Intern+queen.-a0187325934
JobRadioFM on InternQueen: http://jobradio.fm/feed/
SavvySugar.com on Intern Queen: http://www.savvysugar.com/1883821
Intern Queen as Guest on Podcast: Secrets of the JobHunt: http://odeo.com/episodes/23938538-Long-live-the-Intern-Queen
Florida State University on Intern Queen: http://moneymix.cuna.org/12433/article.php?doc_id=904
UWW Internship Blog Mentions Intern Queen:
The Intern Queen on Global Entrepreneurship Week Website: http://unleashingideas.org/blog/tag/the-intern-queen/
Louisiana State University Encourages Students to Use Intern Queen: http://appl003.lsu.edu/slas/career/cstudentsweb.nsf/$Content/Internship+Leads+Database?OpenDocument
My2SenseOnline.com on Intern Queen: http://www.2senseonline.com/articles/110/print
Flacker.net on Intern Queen: http://flacker.net/?p=271
Winner “Best Young Entrepreneur of The Year” 2007: http://www.stevieawards.com/pubs/women/awards/414_2313_17758.cfm

5 responses

5 10 2008

Wow! You rock. Hard. I can’t get over how much awesome information is here.

As cheeseball as this may sound, you are an inspiration!

18 12 2008
la petite fashionista

hi! i’m a student at Florida State & fellow blogger. I’m a fashion merchandising major & i’ve been searching for a related internship in the tallahassee area. any tips for finding untapped resources in the area?

13 02 2009

Are you on Twitter?

17 02 2009

Hi Jessica !

I love Twitter. Follow me @internqueen!
Lauren Berger
“The Intern Queen”

7 05 2009

Hey, a fellow Seminole (and my Mom went to UCF), that’s great! I really enjoyed reading about you. I can’t imagine doing 15 internships in 4 years! You’ve obviously gained some great experience with those. I’m definitely following you on Twitter now too!
Chelsea Steed

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