Lauren Speaking at Millsaps College

Lauren Speaking at Millsaps College



Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen, is available to speak at your conference, campus, event, meeting, career fair, or other event.  Lauren usually attends/speaks at events that relate to entrepreneurship, education, college/highschool issues, jobs, internships, tech, social media, young entrepreneurs, etc. For more details  on availability and rates please contact Lauren directly at lauren@quarterlife.com.


Internship Speaking Points


·         How The Intern Queen Managed 15 Internships In College/Her Story

·         How To Find Local/National/International Internship Opportunities

·         How To Perfect Resume, Cover Letter, Letters of Reccomendation

·         How to Prepare for Your Phone/In-Person Interview

·         Interview Tips

·         How To Prepare For the First Day of Your Internship

·         How to Manage Contacts Properly

·         How to Turn Your Internship Into A Job Opportunity

·         How To Make the Most of Your Internship

·         How To Control Social Networking Sites

·         Internships Change In Today’s Economy

·         How The Intern Queen Started Her Business and How the Quarterlife.com/intern Site Can Benefit Students

·         Tips/Tricks for living, eating, transporting yourself in New Cities for Summer Internships

·         Other Internship Resources/Programs Available to Students

·         Paid Vs. Unpaid Opportunities

·         How To Manage and Internship With Work

Lauren Speaking at Wabash College.
Lauren Speaking at Wabash College.
Students At Wabash Listen To The Intern Queen.
Students At Wabash Listen To The Intern Queen.

Entrepreneur Speaking Points


·         How To Start A Business

·         Starting a Business in College

·         How To Manage Your Time As A Business Owner

·         Tips on How To Work From Home

·         How To Get Investors

·         Tips on Working with Web Designers, Lawyers, Third Party Vendors

·         Do Your Own Publicity

·         Book Speaking Gigs/Events/Engagements

·         Create a Buzz

·         Create a Network

·         Branding tips/techniques

·         Looking at the Bigger Picture of Your Business

·         Being Proactive and Reactive at the Same Time

·         Blogging Rules

·         Social Media


Recent Events/Appearances


Since the launch of the new website, www.quarterlife.com/intern, in August of 2008, Lauren has kept a busy travel/speaking schedule. Her previous speaking engagements/events include the following


Redondo Beach ESOL School (Redondo Beach, California)

Meeting: The Intern Queen speaks with top educators at the school to discuss how they can improve internship awareness and further educate their students on the importance of internships.

Attendees: Professors/Top Education Staff

Date: Friday, February 20th 2009, 10:00AM

Reviews:  N/A


Millsaps College (Jackson, Mississippi)

Event Title: The Intern Queen on Internships. Lauren came to campus and gave a speech explaining her internship experience, internship tips/advice, best ways to get an internship.

Attendees: Grad and UnderGrad Students From the College and Career Counselors.

Date: Tuesday, February 17th 2009, 5:30PM

Speech Focus: How  Students Can Best Market Themselves Coming From A Smaller School, How To Manage Internships and Work, How To Look For Local Internship Opportunities.

What Questions Did Students Ask ? How To Get Involved With Fashion Internships, What Content Should Be Included in Cover Letters, How Long Should Their Cover Letters and Resumes Be, Where Can They Live If They Intern Out of State Over Summer, How Can They Intern When They Can’t Get Anymore College Credit.

Reviews: Coming Soon.



Appearance: Interview with News Anchor

Date: Wednesday, February 17th 2009, 6:00PM

Interview Focus: Who Is the Intern Queen, What does the www.quarterlife.com/intern website provide, What sort of internships are on the website, How long do internships usually last, Why is it so important for students to intern.

View Interview Here:



Appearance: Interview with Morning News Anchor

Date: Wednesday, February 17th 2009, 6:30AM

Interview Focus: Internships in Todays Economy, How Students Can Get Internships, How Students Can Make the Most of Their Internships, Resources for Students Looking for  Internships, The State of Internships in Jackson, MS (locally).

View Interview Here:


WABASH COLLEGE (Crawfordsville, Indiana)

Event Title: The Intern Queen Comes To Campus. Lauren came to campus and gave a speech explaining her internship experience, internship tips/advice, best ways to get an internship.

Attendees: Students, Faculty.

Date: February 9th 2009, 7:30PM

Speech Focus: In-Person Interview Skills for Students, Phone Interview Skills for Students, Controlling Their Social Networking Sites.

What Questions Did Students Ask: Where They Could Live in Los Angeles for A Summer Internship, What types of comments are appropriate to leave on their Facebook/Myspace Pages, If it’s ok to keep their social networking sites if settings are “private”, How Can they Manage An Internship and A  Job, My Views on Externships, How They can  Manage School and Internships, How They Look For Local Opportunities.


Reviews:  Thank you again for a great presentation! I think the students really enjoyed listening to you and you really sparked some interest in Internships for most of them!” Michael Kerr, Career Center, Wabash College.


“I just wanted to thank you for coming here to Wabash and giving us a heads up of what is out there regarding internships.” Maycdon Sprowl, Student, Wabash College.


“I’m a student at Wabash college and attended your speech last night.  I went in rather skeptical, expecting it to be another run-of-the-mill talk on “Here’s why you need to intern…. and here’s some non-descript advice on how to get one.”  I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong.  You gave some truly useful advice and tips on acquiring an internship, and the speech as a whole was both engaging and informative.”Trevor Counceller, Student, Wabash College.



Event Title: Extreme Entrepreneur Tour. Lauren was a keynote speaker at this event at Marshalltown Community College.

Attendees: Students, Press, Local Entrepreneurs, College Association Members, Faculty, Local Highschool Students

Date: October 29th 2009, 9AM

Speech Focus: How To Turn Your Passion Into Your Business, The Importance of Internships, How Lauren Created Her Business, Obstacles in Starting a Business.

What Questions Did Students Ask: What Was Your Biggest Struggle and How Did You Overcome It, What Is the Greatest Lesson You Learned, How Did You Juggle 15 Internships, What Is The Most Important Thing To Come From Internships




Event Title: Meet The Intern Queen And Learn About Internships

Attendees: Students, Faculty

Date: October 30th 2009, 2PM

Speech Focus: What is an Internship, How to Get An Internship, Lauren’s Internship Experience, Helpful Tips on How To Get An Internship and Make the Most of It

What Questions Did Students Ask: How To Get Out of State Opportunities, How To Find Local Opportunities in Such a Small City, How To Properly Format Resumes, Cover Letter, What Was Lauren’s Favorite Internship



MT. ST. MARY’S COLLEGE (Los Angeles, California)

Event Title: The Intern Queen Speaks On Campus

Attendees: Students in a Career Class, Professors

Date: October 6th 2009, 12PM

Speech Focus: How To Get An Internship and Make the Most of it

What Questions Did Students Ask: How to Manage Internship and Work, How to Get Internships in the Music and Entertainment Business, How Many Internships Should They Try to Have Before Graduation, What  my Most Embarrasing Internship Moment Was




Event Title: How To Break Into Freelancing Career. Lauren was a panel speaker. Other panelists included reps from EVITE, DEMAND MEDIA, etc.

Attendees: Social Media Experts, Bloggers, Writers, Editors

Date: September 2009, 8PM

Reviews: Coming Soon


KTLA Morning News (Los Angeles, CA)

Appearance: Interview on Los Angeles Morning New Show

Date: September 2009

Interview Focus: Starting www.quarterlife.com/intern, celebrity internships available on the site, internship tips for students

View Interview Here:






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30 04 2009
Steven Rothberg CollegeRecruiter.com

Great job on the webinar that you did for the students using CollegeRecruiter.com!!

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