Seattle Careers Supported by Small Business Order

6 04 2009

Several new statewide initiatives will ultimately help small businesses create more Seattle careers.

Gov. Chris Gregoire recently signed an executive order that includes many initiatives meant to help small businesses throughout the state recover by supporting their success and expansions.

“The way out of this recession is creating jobs, and no one is better at creating jobs than small business owners,” Gregoire said. “I’ve reached out to dozens of small businesses across the state and they all tell me the same thing. They want more room to be successful by making state processes as simple as possible.

“This executive order brings a new level of simplicity to current and future business owners, while expanding our effort to reduce business costs,” she added.

Under the executive order:

  • The Department of Labor and Industries, Department of Revenue, and Employment Security Department will review current practices, tax and rate structures to reduce state-imposed costs for small businesses.
  • The Department of Labor will work with small businesses, local governments, and other stakeholders to find ways to reduce the complexity of Washington’s tax system.
  • The Department of Commerce will work with the Governor’s Office of Regulatory Assistance to consolidate small business licensing, registration, and certification guides into one resource.
  • The Department of Commerce will work with small businesses to develop a plan to submit to the State Small Business Credit Initiative, a $1.5 billion federal program, of which Washington will receive $19.7 million.
  • The Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture will incorporate small businesses into the state export initiative.
  • The Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture will work with the U.S. Small Business Administration to help small businesses increase their export sales.



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