San Antonio Government Jobs for the City Arborist

6 04 2009

Becoming the city arborist is a great option for conservation-minded people seeking San Antonio government jobs (Click here).

The city arborist is responsible for overseeing San Antonio‘s tree preservation and landscape regulations, which are defined in the city’s development code. Their daily activities include everything from reviewing plans to supervising professional and technical staff.

The city arborist may be responsible for:

  • Developing and enforcing a program for the implementation of the city’s tree preservation ordinance
  • Supervising and directing employees in the implementation of the city’s tree preservation and landscape ordinances
  • Developing educational programs on tree preservation
  • Reviewing plans for compliance with the city’s tree preservation and landscape regulations
  • Coordinating the approval of permits related to tree preservation and landscaping with the public and city departments
  • Conferring with landscape architects and developers to promote tree preservation in the preparation of construction plans and land development
  • Conducting field inspections of diseased trees, determining feasibility of preserving trees, and investigating violations and questionable tree preservation issues in accordance with the tree preservation ordinance.
  • Administering tree removal permits
  • Responding to and investigating citizen complaints in accordance with the tree preservation ordinance
  • Maintaining automated inventory of construction projects subject to the tree preservation ordinance
  • Coordinating with field inspectors to ensure project completion in accordance with plan specifications and acceptable tree protection during construction

Applicants for the city arborist position are required to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a concentration in forestry, arboricultural, landscape architecture, or a related field, as well as two years of experience.

Candidates for this job also must have a valid Texas driver’s license, and while not required, the city prefers to hire arborists who are certified. The city arborist earns an average salary between $47,380 per year and $80,546 per year.



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