HR Software Questions Answered in New Series

6 04 2009

If you’re in charge of your company’s HR software and other HR functions and have some unanswered questions, one company is hoping to help you find the answers. Visit to learn more. recently announced the launch of its “Ask the Experts” program, a series of sessions that will feature open forums hosted by the company’s talent management and compensation experts. The program will provide a chance for HR professionals to begin a conversation and solicit discussions to help them gain the insight they need to succeed.

“Our purpose is to put our best experts on the task of helping HR pros solve their toughest challenges,” Brent Kleiman, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for, said. “Your good questions help us build our agenda, so register early and give our team a chance to do some digging.”

The first Ask the Experts session took place May 27th and featured experts from who fielded questions on market pricing and survey selection. Several other topics are on tap to be discussed during June Webinars.

Participants of future sessions may ask questions when they register or during the live Webinar. All sessions are free, promise to deliver information that is easily usable and include interactive question and answer sessions with presenters.

“Comp professionals are working under difficult market dynamics. The economy’s turbulence puts a lot of pressure on their decisions and analysis,” Mark Szypko, managing director of international compensation for, said. “Our Ask the Experts session is the best way to get talking with other comp pros, and hear insight on the latest compensation trends.” provides on-demand talent management, payroll and compensation solutions. The Ask the Experts program is part of the company’s Webinar Series, which is meant to deliver best practice advice from leading industry experts.




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