Flexible Jobs a Focus in Canada

6 04 2009

The United States could take a lesson from Canada when it comes to implementing flexible jobs in the push to rehire and grow.

One recent survey found that Canadian employers are planning to add jobs, rehire laid-off workers and provide flexible work arrangements. The only downside is that salaries are expected to remain the same.

A survey of private-sector hiring managers from CareerBuilder found that most employers are willing to accept flexible job arrangements this year. About 43 percent of employers are planning to add either job-sharing, alternate schedules, telecommuting, compressed work weeks or summer hours, while about 72 percent plan to offer flexible work hours.

The survey found that 29 percent of Canadian employers plan to increase permanent, full-time employment this year, up from the 18 percent who planned to do so during 2009. Only 9 percent of employers plan to reduce staff, while 48 percent expect to make no changes and 15 percent are unsure about their staffing levels.

About 18 percent of employers said they would hire part-time workers, up from the 13 percent who planned to do so last year. In addition, workers who lost their jobs may have some hope of getting rehired, with 29 percent of employers planning to bring back some employees they laid-off during the last 12 months.

High-tech workers will be the most in-demand, with more than half of employers planning to add technology positions, followed by customer service positions at 26 percent. Other jobs to be added include business development, marketing and sales.

Workers should not expect any large salary increases, with only 50 percent of respondents planning to raise wages this year, a decrease from the 63 percent who planned to do so during 2009. And employers who do increase salaries will likely keep those raises in the 3 percent range.




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