Denver IT Jobs for Computer Operators

6 04 2009

Although the occupation is expected to decline in the next several years, there is still a need for people to fill Denver IT jobs for computer operators. Take a look at to see current job openings.

Computer operators are responsible for overseeing the operation of computer hardware systems to make sure they run as efficiently and securely as possible. They do this by performing a variety of manual and automated tasks that are needed for a computer to run properly. Learn more with this computer operator job description.

Most applicants for computer operator jobs are only required to have a high school diploma, because the majority of what employees need to know is learned through on-the-job training. There is a lot of opportunity for these employees to advance to other information technology-related jobs.

Unfortunately, both local and national employment of computer operators is expected to decline in the coming years, mainly because advances in technology are making it easier to automate a lot of the work done performed by these employees.

Nationwide, employment should decrease by 19 percent, from 110,00 workers during 2008 to 89,500 workers during 2018. In the Denver area, employment will drop by 3.5 percent, from 628 workers during 2009 to 438 workers by 2019.

The top 10 industries that employed computer operators in the Denver area during 2009, according to the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, include:

  1. Professional and technical services
  2. Credit intermediation and related activity
  3. ISPs, search portals, and data processing
  4. Insurance carriers and related activities
  5. Building material and garden supply stores
  6. Warehousing and storage
  7. Administrative and support services
  8. Durable goods merchant wholesalers
  9. Food and beverage stores
  10. Publishing industries

During 2009, the average salary for computer operators in the Denver area was $21.23 per hour or $44,153 per year. That same year, entry-level employees earned an average of $14.74 per hour or $30,661 per year, while experienced employees earned an average of $24.05 per hour or $50,034 per year.




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