Sales Jobs in Phoenix

5 04 2009

When the economy begins to pick up and the regular community has extra money to spend, retail hiring will begin to recoup, creating additional sales jobs in Phoenix. Visit to learn more.

Retail salespersons are ordinarily responsible for marketing goods, such as furniture, motor vehicles, appliances or garb in a retail store. Whilst these employees aren’t paid enormously high paychecks, they ought experience plenty of work opportunities across the state during the close future.

In addition, there are no conventional learning requirements for retail salespersons, as employees usually ascertain skills with on-the-job situations. Nevertheless, a college degree or plenty of know-how can assist employees go into upper positions.

According to the Arizona Workforce Informer, the average compensation for retail salespersons throughout Arizona throughout 2007 was $12.35 per hour, while the ordinary entry-stage wage was $7.76 per hour and the upper-level earnings was $14.65 per hour.

Employment across the state is expected to progress from 83,366 workers during 2006 to 105,933 workers by 2016, making for an medium of 4,824 trade openings per year and an mean complete growth rate of 27.1 percent.

The lead industries that hire retail salespersons across Arizona include:

  1. Department stores – 13.8 pct
  2. Building material and supplies dealers – 10.7 pct
  3. Clothing stores – 10.3 percentage
  4. Car dealers – 8.3 percentage
  5. Other widespread trade stores – 6.1 percentage
  6. Wellness and personal maintenance stores – 5.1 pct
  7. Sporting goods and musical instrument stores – 4.6 percentage
  8. Electronics and appliance stores – 4.4 percent
  9. Furniture stores – 3.6 pct
  10. Dwelling furnishings stores – 2.4 percentage



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