Colorado Grocery Store Jobs for Stock Clerks

4 04 2009

Those looking for Colorado grocery store jobs may want to consider a position as a stock clerk.

Stock clerks who work on the sales floor are generally responsible for the store’s merchandise, whether they’re receiving items from delivery, putting goods on shelves, or getting merchandise for customers. They also may be asked to arrange merchandise displays and keep inventory of goods.

Unfortunately, as technology continues to evolve and more people shop online, there will be less of a need for stock clerks in the coming years. However, there will still be plenty of Colorado jobs available due to regular turnover.

According to the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, the number of stock clerks throughout Colorado is expected to decrease from 27,697 workers during 2009 to 24,753 workers by 2019, resulting in a loss of 2,944 workers and an overall employment drop of 1.1 percent.

The top 10 industries that employed stock clerks in Colorado during 2009 include:

  1. General merchandise stores – 33.7 percent
  2. Food and beverage stores – 25.6 percent
  3. Non-durable goods merchant wholesalers – 5 percent
  4. Durable goods merchant wholesalers – 4.7 percent
  5. Warehousing and storage – 2.6 percent
  6. Miscellaneous store retailers – 2.4 percent
  7. Building material and garden supply stores – 2.1 percent
  8. Health and personal care stores – 1.8 percent
  9. Administrative and support services – 1.8 percent
  10. Clothing and clothing accessories stores – 1.6 percent

There are not usually a lot of requirements to become a stock clerk, although some employers may prefer to hire those with a high school diploma or lower-level college degree. Some experience and good customer service skills also may be required.

While entry-level employees don’t earn a lot of money, bringing in about $8.61 per hour, there is some potential for earning growth. During 2009, the average stock clerk earned an average salary of $11.43 per hour, while employees with some experience earned $14.70 per hour.



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