Dallas Work Increases Over Year

2 04 2009

Although some Dallas work decline on a monthly basis during July, more jobs were actually added when compared to last year.

During July, the Dallas-Plano-Irving area’s unemployment rate remained at 8.5 percent for the second consecutive month, after increasing from 8.1 percent during June. However, the area’s rate is still lower than the national average of 9.5 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Dallas area had a total non-farm employment of 2,024,400 workers during July, which is lower than the 2,037,400 workers employed in the area during June, but a 1.3 percent increase from the amount of workers employed during the same time last year.

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Top Schools for Non Profit Management Jobs

2 04 2009

There are many things to consider when you’re preparing for non profit management jobs.

Students who are interested in becoming a nonprofit manager can usually earn an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree. The type of degree you need will depend on the type of work you want to do as well as the employer for whom you want to work.

Most nonprofit management degree programs focus on business, management, and administration. Many schools offer different nonprofit specializations, such as nonprofit finance, nonprofit human resources, nonprofit taxation, and nonprofit leadership.

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Occupational Therapy Jobs Arizona: Courses and Schools to Consider

2 04 2009

So you’ve decided to pursue the occupational therapy jobs Arizona has to offer. The first thing you have to do is earn your degree.

Your first task is to earn a bachelor’s degree and take some courses related to occupational therapy. Then you’ll have to earn you master’s degree in occupational therapy, which is required in order to become licensed and begin working. You also may or may not choose to earn a doctoral degree.

Although degree programs vary from school to school, there are many core courses you can expect to take when earning a degree in occupational therapy. These classes range in topic from developmental fieldwork to adaptive living skills to applied pediatric neuroscience.

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How to Get an Internship: Entertainment

2 04 2009

There is no question that my site, http://www.quarterlife.com/intern has a heavy focus on entertainment internships. You will find over 200 different entertainment companies on my site ranging from movie studios, television companies, publicity firms, marketing agencies, on-set movie internships, etc. But what is the secret to landing these job opportunities?

1. DON’T GIVE UP. The entertainment business is hard to get into but it can be done. If your professor or career counselor tells you that you’ve decided on a tough industry, don’t let that hold you back. Focus clearly on what you want.

2. TRY DIFFERENT THINGS. Entertainment is such a broad field and consists of so many different parts and departments. Accept internships/jobs in different areas and test them out – you never know what you might like. In college, I interned in entertainment publicity, radio, on-air promotions, drama development, etc. Interning in all of those different areas helped me figure out what I did want to do and what I didn’t want to do.

3. FIND YOUR FAVES. Just like I mentioned in the sports piece, students should research their favorite movies, producers, directors, even celebrities. Find out what companies these people work for and who they deal with on a regular basis. From your research, start to create your personal “Intern Queen Dream List”.

4. KNOW YOUR RESOURCES ON THE WEB. There are a few great Hollywood Internship resources worth mentioning. This  is where you should be looking for your Internship News:

· INTERN QUEEN’S WEBSITEhttp://www.quarterlife.com/intern.

When I first started my site, I used all of my entertainment industry relationships to really build it up. Below are some of the listings that appear on the site:

· Smoke House Pictures (LEATHERHEADS), http://www.quarterlife.com/internship/details/52

· Thunder Road Pictures, http://www.quarterlife.com/internship/details/72

· HD Films, http://www.quarterlife.com/internship/details/92

· Sony Pictures Television, http://www.quarterlife.com/internship/details/142

· Master Mind Artists Management in Brooklyn, http://www.quarterlife.com/internship/details/152

· State Street Pictures, http://www.quarterlife.com/internship/details/162

· Bang! Zoom Entertainment, http://www.quarterlife.com/internship/details/212

· EntertainmentCareers.net, http://www.entertainmentcareers.net/.

This site is quite the powerhouse when it comes to entertainment opportunities. It’s easy, reliable and it’s been around a while. I highly suggest checking out this site.

5. NON-WEB RESOURCES. There are three other resources that I do suggest students take a look at.

· THE PRINCETON REVIEW’S INTERNSHIP BIBLE. This large reference book was extremely helpful to me when I started my internship search. They update the book yearly and have great information about hundreds of internship opportunities.

· UTA JOB LIST. United Talent Agency puts out an “industry insider” list with all of the current job openings/internship positions in the entertainment world. To find a copy of this – ask everyone you know in Hollywood, professors, friends in the industry, etc. It can be tricky to get your hands on.

· HOLLYWOOD CREATIVE DIRECTORY. This reference book has every Hollywood Production company and television show listed. You can find the company phone numbers, emails, etc. Check out your local bookstore to see if they carry it and if they don’t they can probably order it for you.

6. CREATE YOUR DREAM LIST. Make your version of the “Intern Queen Dream List” by writing down 10 companies where you see yourself working in the future (think big). Next to those, write 10 smaller companies that are similar to your first 10 choices. Start researching and making notes of the company phone numbers and emails. Reach out to the companies and ask the internship coordinator what the internship application process is like.

7. KEEP MATERIALS TRADITIONAL. The entertainment companies get hundreds of internship resumes and cover letters each year. Keep everything in traditional formats unless specifically instructed to submit a “creative resume”. The internship coordinator is going to look right to your experience. They want to see that you’ve held internships before and that you are properly qualified. Market yourself well in your cover letter, use your cover letter as your bragging rights and clearly highlight your talents/experience. Make sure to avoid going on tangents in your cover letter.

8. BE PREPRARED TO START AT THE BOTTOM. If any industry is known for sort of “hazing” their interns, it’s the entertainment business. You must keep telling yourself that this is the nature of the showbiz. Most people started at the bottom as an intern or in the mailroom somewhere and they worked their way up. They make sure that other students have to do the same. You might have to do things like get coffee, copy scripts, pick up dry cleaning – focus on the end result which is a great company name on your resume and wonderful contacts to help you find your next internship or job.

9. KEEP IT ON THE “DL”. Most internships will have students sign a non-disclosure agreement which states that you cannot talk about the projects they are working on to anyone. Even if you don’t sign one of these make sure you keep your work information to yourself. If a celebrity comes into the building, don’t tell all of your friends about it – you never know WHY the celeb was at your company. They could have been making a deal that can’t be spoken about yet.  Keep the “Everyone knows Everyone” philosophy in mind. You never know who someone might tell.

I asked my friends on Twitter what they thought about Entertainment Internships:

searchguru@InternQueen take a look at http://www.showbizjobs.com20

graenewyork@InternQueen if only I were in LA 😦

brieWR@internqueen I hear that http://mandy.com is a good website for all things film-related. Lots of volunteer and internship positions.39 minutes ago from web

SiriusXMInterns@InternQueen students should definitely network. A lot of times, WHO you know can really be helpful in scoring a media internship.

Recruiting Software Company Partners with Job Distributor

2 04 2009

The partnership of a popular recruiting software (Click here) company and well-known job distributor will help staffing agencies perform better.

Recruiting software company Bullhorn recently announced its plans to partner with international job distributor eQuest. The collaboration will allow staffing agencies to more easily optimize their sourcing and spending efforts.

The software offered by eQuest allows companies to see how any job board is performing in a specific industry. The company’s software further allows for job post scheduling, confirmation tracking, and multi-language job posting support.

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Thousands of San Diego Teaching Jobs in Danger

2 04 2009

Many San Diego teaching jobs are on the line.

Earlier this week, officials from the San Diego Unified School District said they may layoff 1,000 teachers and 500 non-teaching staff next year in an effort to fill a budget gap that’s expected to reach $141 million. The layoffs would affect everyone from teachers to librarians to nurses.

According to an article by the San Diego Union-Tribune, the district has been able to avoid laying off teachers in the past by eliminating vacant positions and reducing other staff numbers. More than 500 central office jobs were cut just last year.

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