Studying for Arizona Pharmacy Jobs

1 04 2009

If you’re considering Arizona pharmacy jobs among your future careers, it’s important to pick a school with a great pharmacy program. In fact, one of the best schools is located in Arizona.

There are a number of career opportunities in pharmacy although jobs for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy aides are probably the most popular. Each of these employees work in a pharmacy or drug store to assist with or directly fill prescriptions.

Educational requirements range from on-the-job training for pharmacy aides and technicians to a Doctor of Pharmacy for pharmacists. Pharmacists have to go one step further and pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam, and sometimes the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam, in order to become licensed.

Salaries too are wide-ranging, with pharmacy aides earning a median of $9.66 per hour, pharmacy technicians earning an average of $13.32 per hour, and pharmacists earning a median of $106,410 per year during 2008.

According to, the top 10 schools for pharmacy students are:

  1. Ohio State University
  2. Purdue University
  3. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  4. University of Arizona
  5. University of Southern California
  6. University of Iowa
  7. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  8. University of Kentucky
  9. University of Illinois – Chicago
  10. University of California – San Francisco



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