Q: If a company offers a Spring Internship will they have a Summer Program ?

1 12 2008

Q: Hello ! My name is Shakendra. I am a student at Bethune-Cookman University located in Daytona Beach, Fl. I am majoring in Mass Communications and my goal is to learn what it takes to become a film producer. I do have a few questions about the internships. Companies such as Lionsgate, Aversano Films and Varisty Pictures, do they offer summer internships? And my second question is do you provide housing and transportation?

Please email me at your earliest convience. Thank you for your time.
A: Hi Shakendra ! That is great that you want to be a movie producer and I think an internship at one of the companies you’ve mentioned or any other production company/studio on my site would be a wonderful step for you. All of the companies you mentioned will offer Summer internships. For the most part, all of the film-related internships will have Spring and Summer postings. The only companies that won’t offer Summer Internships are the sports-related companies because they can be seasonal. Most of the internships should say “Spring or Summer” and I ask that students indicate the semester in the subject line of their emails to me. Good luck ! (I’m from Florida too)
Best, Lauren – The Intern Queen



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