Nickelodeon Publicity Internship – Spring Semester

1 12 2008

I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that Nickelodeon wants to post with me ! I LOVE Nick and I used to write for their magazine!! So the internship that Nick is offering is in Los Angeles and with their publicity team. You will be helping out with the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS (the last weekend in March) which is SUPER cool and that would give any student such great experience !! Here is some more information about the internship and if you want to apply just go to and click “APPLY HERE” and copy/paste me your resume in the body of the email. If you have any problems just email me at and let’s see what happens !


Assist with publicity and press for the 2009 Kid’s Choice Awards -Monitor press and clip articles on Nick shows and talent -Attend photo shoots, press junkets and set visits -Update Nick press website and media contact database -Facilitate press mailings and assist with follow-up calls to media -Assist publicists in writing press releases, bios and show synopses -Assist publicists in pitching Nick shows and talent to consumer press -Support department assistant with administrative duties, including filing, T&E submissions




2 responses

5 03 2009
Olivia Brown

I’m Olivia
Yes… I know I’m 14 Lol, But I’m really interested in Career ideas and oppurtunity’s right now, and I’m just trying to find a few job ideas so I don’t struggle when Im older.
I’ve read what Nickelodeon is expecting of their interns,and I don’t really understand some of it.
SORRY! But I was hoping you could explain what the job entitles.
Do you have to communicate/interview the stars since it mentioned Journalism as a preffered studied subject. I’m studying Media in school soon, and I just wanted to understand what jobs will expect of me.
Thanks for reading.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Olivia Brown

24 03 2009

Hi Olivia,

I’m so glad that you are looking into the internship/job world at such an early age – it’s so important these days ! The Nickelodeon Internship was really to help publicize and promote their KIDS CHOICE AWARDS event in the Spring time. Each company has interns do a variety of tasks from organizing, phone answering, making copies to sitting in on meetings, helping brainstorm ideas, etc. Sometimes you do get to do really cool things like interview celebrities, etc. It really depends on the company. One opportunity you might want to look into for the future is LAUFER MEDIA – they put out BOP magazine which has tons of celebrity gossip/interviews. Another great company (for when you are in college) is Wenner Media who puts out US WEEKLY Magazine. Good luck !

Best, Lauren Berger “The Intern Queen”

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