Do I start Applying for Summer Internships Now ?

1 12 2008

Q: Hi Lauren, I was browsing through the internships you have posted at (which I heard about through the excellent 
CollegeJolt blog) and I found that one internship I was particularly 
interested in, The Lippin Group in New York, seems to be missing the 
“Apply Now” link. If you could supply the contact info, I would be 
very grateful.

On a side note, when do companies typically start accepting 
applications for summer interns? The answers I’ve heard so far have 
been very inconsistent — do I worry now?



A: Hey Josh, If the APPLY NOW button isn’t functioning properly just start an email directly to me at and copy/paste your resume into the body of the email. Please indicate the semester and company in the subject of the email. I’m so glad you found something you are interested in. The Lippin Group sounds like a wonderful place to intern and I know they are looking !

As far as summer internships go, it really depends on the company. The formal internship programs can have deadlines of anywhere from Nov. 1st to March 15th. Other companies will have the deadlines stretch until end of March/April. It really depends on what you are looking for. But DO NOT WORRY – I always tell my students to start applying after the New Year for summer internships with the deadline of March 15th as a pretty good one to go by. If you are applying for internships with ATAS, NYTIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, WASH POST please check their websites because they have EARLY deadlines.

Good luck.


Lauren Berger- The Intern Queen 




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