Internship Coordinator Interview: Angela Navarro, Gen Art !!!

25 11 2008





What is your job ? Regional Event Coordinator for Gen Art

What college did you go to ? UCLA

Where are you from ? San Francisco

Tell me about your intern experience: I’ve had about 3 internships during college. One being a fashion intern for IMG in Los Angeles. From there I got another marketing/fashion internship for a consulting company, which eventually led me to a full-time position.

Do you have any internship horror stories ? On the second day of my internship, I was sending around a mass email to some undisclosed recipients and I totally forgot to BCC! The list had some really important people on there, and now everyone had each other’s email address. I was sure I was going to get fired. Luckily I wasn’t.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned while interning ? It’s best to try out different internships in order to get the most experience, especially so that you can find out what area/field you are really passionate about. But above all, network , network , network!

What do you look for when hiring interns ? As an event production intern, you have to be prepared to work in a fast pace environment.

*We (GEN ART) are looking for candidates who have great leadership and communication skills, someone who is a problem solver, motivated, and over all else, professional.

Has an intern ever done something to really knock your socks off ? I think if an intern is assertive, they are sure to make a great impression. Interns who go beyond their regular day to day job duties show that they are really committed.  


What can a student do to better prepare for an internship with your company ? As with any company you interview with, do your homework and know information about the company beforehand. Be a great sales person and know how to sell yourself.




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