Whats up with the Intern Queen in November ?

21 11 2008

Hey everyone !  I’ve been getting tons and tons of resumes in – which is wonderful – so I’ve neglected to blog lately. Not an excuse ! I’ll be back in action over the next few weeks. I wanted to share with you all that one of the lovely interns that I placed at MTV/VH1, Stephanie, invited me to speak at CAPP last night at the University of California – Irvine. It was a great experience and I chatted with about 30 students about the importance of Internships and Networking. I had so many students tell me that they were juniors and seniors and they still hadn’t jumped on board the Internship Train! I’m so glad that I got to be there to encourage them and let them know that it’s not too late and that it’s actually easier than one might think to land a great internship for the Spring or Summer of 2009.

I’m officially changing our listings from Fall to Spring and Summer today and tomorrow – so it’s alright to assume that any Fall listing will be on there for Spring/Summer as well. Make sure that you are all indicating which semester you’d like to intern in the subject line of your emails. Also, I’m doing something new with all of your resumes. I’m sending your resumes to multiple companies now instead of just one. I keep telling all of you to apply for at least 10 internships per semester. The goal here is to intern in your field – I’m not as concerned with you interning with a certain company – as long as you are interning somewhere. It’s soooo important! An example is, if you send me a resume for SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE, I’ll probably send your resume to SEVENTEEN and then to 10 other magazine companies in New York. Again, this is so you all have great back-up plans. I want to make sure you are all landing Spring/Summer internships for 2009.

I know you all have holiday breaks coming up so use that time to surf around my site and read up on advice and apply for some internships – as we know, there are TONS available.

Take care and keep applying !

Lauren (the Intern Queen)




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