More Q & A with the Intern Queen

21 11 2008

Q: Hello! I believe I emailed you before with my resume attached, i 
am a singer/writer/musician and entrepreneur. I am 
really passionate about my music and i really want to get wherever to 
be seen. I have been writing since i was 11 and singing since I was 4, I love singing. I recently moved to NY, because it seemed like the place for people with passion like myself, now that i am here, i am recording and writing constantly, but i want more.  So I am asking to work to get where i want to be, as an intern, because i have been informed of the access to the industry it provides. Thank you.

– C

A: C, Don’t feel bad about your situation at all. In fact, I’m so proud of you for moving to NYC to really follow and pursue your passion in the first place. Many people don’t have the courage to do something like that. I think that understanding all aspects of the industry that you desire to work in is extremely important. An internship can definitly help you get a foot in the door and help you get a feel for how the “business” side of music is run. That might in turn help you with your music and find your niche. Also, you might find that working on the business side of music will satisfy you until your personal music career takes off. I’ll take another look at your resume and send it to whichever music postings I have in the New York City area. Please follow up with me in two weeks and let me know if you’ve heard anything.


Lauren Berger

“The Intern Queen”




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