Q & A With the INTERN QUEEN!! – New Questions, New Answers.

9 10 2008

Hi Lauren,

Absolutely love this idea and the industry you’ve formulated out of this idea. However, I do have one qualm, now, as a recent journalism graduate of May ‘08 and having some intern experience on my own, I’m having some trouble breaking into the world of entry level or mid entry level jobs, any advice? Maybe you could branch off and offer some postings/offerings for recent graduates? It still is in the same arena, and now being post internship yourself I think this would be a great idea. I’ve had previous internship experience with public relations and regional magazines and am now currently trying to break into the editorial industry. Thoughts?

– Samantha

Hey Samantha ! I’m so glad you are reading my blogs and you’ve reached out to me. I’m extremely familiar with the editorial/journalism industry because in college I was a part-time freelance writer for publications like Seventeen, Nickelodeon, etc. No matter how many internships you’ve had that deal with that industry you really need clips. I would go back through any old internship files you might have saved. You want to print out any press releases that you wrote, or articles that you wrote at those internships and start your portfolio. If you have no published clips you need to start local. I would reccomend getting another job so you can start building your clips in the meantime. It’s extremely difficult to break into the freelance writing/editorial business. Build up a portfolio and then start pitching magazines as a freelance writer. Pitch them an idea – if they decline, pitch them right back with another. One site that you will find extremely helpful for entry level journalism jobs and advice and news in that industry is ed2010.com – so check that out. Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck ! You might also want to check out some of the editorial internships on my site. Some of the companies pay and take students post-graduation 🙂

Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen, www.quarterlife.com/intern

Dear Intern Queen,

Hey I have started my Fall Internship that I got a cool production company through you.  It’s been hardwork – a lot of office duties less creative stuff. What should i be expecting to get out from these internships? 

-Chris, Los Angeles


Chris  ! It is OK to be bored at your internship. In fact, many internships can be really boring. Once I was told to stand at a copy machine for 10 hours. Another time I was sent to archive tapes at NBC in the basement for 8 hours. This is completely normal. The important part is that you ALWAYS are the first to volunteer for whichever task is requested of you. This shows you are dedicated and loyal. Try having a chipper attitude no matter what you are doing. You want to be known as reliable, excited, and passionate at your internship. This makes you stand out. There is nothing worse than watching some ungrateful interns who have gloomy faces. Stay positive. Everyone starts somewhere – this is your time to start climbing the ladder. Meet as many different people as possible – make as many relationships as you can. As they say – It’s all about who you know 🙂

Hang in there and I’m so proud of you for interning in the first place – that shows lots of initiative !


Lauren Berger, The Intern Queen, www.quarterlife.com/intern




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21 10 2008
Adam Gainer

Hey , Ifound your blog through google. I just started one myself , I’m going to follow you, any advice for me ? I just started my blog about my internship.

20 11 2008
Internship Questions | College Jolt

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