Internship News ! Heads Up Potential Interns !

8 10 2008

1:25 AM. Time to watch THE DAILY SHOW on tivo. I love this time of night 🙂 It’s also time to update you all on the latest and greatest on I just added internships at ROBERT CORD PRODUCTIONS – Yes, they did Mr. Holland’s Opus !!!! I also added a Spring Internship at YES Network in New York City for all of you sports fans. I’m trying to build up that section for all of you. is also on the lookout for interns to start ASAP in Los Angeles. Go to to view all of the listings !!  Keep in mind that PLENTY of companies are still looking for great entertainment interns – WAM Films Internship, Berman Braun Internship, Senator Entertainment Internship, DarkTrick Films Internship – These are all available !! So what are you waiting for ? Log on and check them out 🙂


I just got word from my lovely editor’s at SEVENTEEN Magazine, GQ Magazine, and MEN’S VOGUE Magazine that they are all set for Fall Interns. So if you were banking on one of those internships – try one of our other journalism NYC internships listed on APA Agency in Los Angeles is also full for interns for the Fall Semester. ABE NYC is also set for interns.


I’m expanding to IOWA ! Yes, a little random – but IOWA is where it’s at for the Intern Queen. I’ll actually be visiting IOWA and some schools there the week of October 27th so I want to go there with some great local opportunities. If you know anyone in IOWA – send ’em my way !



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