Fall Internships and Almost Friday!

26 09 2008

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to reach out before the weekend rolls around to provide some internship updates. I have taken the IMAX internship and GAME SHOW NETWORKS INTERNSHIP off of the site for now. We will repost when Spring/Summer semesters roll around – they found interns ! Hip Hip Hooray !

I heard back from a few of my internship coordinator contacts and they are so happy with the interns they have selected. I want to congratulate all of you who have successfully secured fall internships. And to those of you who haven’t yet, it is NOT to late ! I know that Starz Marketing Internships, Groundswell Film Internships, Polaris Entertainment Internships, Berman Braun Internships, Fashion – PR – and Entertainment Internships are all still available on the http://www.quarterlife.com/intern website. So log on and let me know which internships interest you. Also – please tell your friends about the site. I’m really excited to get more and more resumes in.

One of our intern friends, Reyna, posted a question on the blog. She asked what my feelings are on Online Portfolios and Resumes. My feeling is that if you are applying to a web internship or graphic design internship this is appropriate but you should have a traditional resume file as well. Our generation of interns is very tech-savvy which is great – but not all internship coordinators are that way. Most employers still appreciate and rather receive a traditional resume – in black and white – no pictures – nothing fancy.




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