Intern Advice of the Day: Change Your Emails !

12 09 2008

Attention Students !! I want you to go to your computers right now and change your email addresses to something professional that doesn’t make your email A. Look like spam B. Look like you are a pornstar C. Look young and immature. Your email should be some version of your name and I suggest you get a gmail account. Hotmail accounts are blocked from some individuals accounts because of the spam factor. You can always keep your screen name that you’ve had forever. Mine is still However, you must work and send your resumes from an email account that looks dignified and professional. I don’t want to see anymore resumes being sent to me from “BeachBaller” or “IluvNelly” – remember, your email address is a reflection of your future. Make it look nice and represent you properly.

Check out the new internships listed on So far, we have over 200 students involved with our programs.

xo Lauren “The Intern Queen”

Also, watch my KTLA Segment at  (Go to Morning News @ 9 and then click the video player)




3 responses

23 09 2008

Hey Lauren,

Just writing to thank you for all the work you put into the site! It’s amazing. Keep up the work, and love the heels.

16 10 2008

Having just gone through a mound of over 50 resumés, I would also add the following bits of advice:

– Put your name and contact info on your resumé.
– Spell check and grammar check both the cover letter/email and the resumé.
– A resume is not the document to show off your mastery of obscure typography and abstract layout. On the other hand, unformatted text looks, well, plain. Use a standard, classic resume format.
– Nobody is so interesting that their resume should be more than two pages long. Nobody.
– Don’t point me to your MySpace of Facebook page for more information. Or even LinkedIn for that matter. Seriously.

Love the blog.

30 11 2008
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