Internship Q & A With the Intern Queen

5 09 2008

Q:  I did not finish college and I am almost 29 years old. I’ve been looking through your internship postings every one of them want college students. What can I do?

A: Most companies have strict rules stating that if interns are going to be unpaid, they must be currently enrolled in school and receive college credit. However, this doesn’t mean that ALL companies have this rule. I would spend time researching smaller companies that might allow for interns that are not college students. Also, look for paid internships. If the opportunity is paid, the company will be more likely to allow someone who isn’t currently enrolled in school. Another option would be to contact the school you previously attended and see what you can do to get credit or credit recognition on your transcript. Best of luck and contact me with anymore questions 🙂
Q: I know it is a bit early to be looking for summer internships. But, when should I email you my resume? I was also considering applying to the competitive summer internship programs. Thank you for your time!
A: It is never too early to have internships on your mind.  Start your summer internship search now by making a list of 10-15 companies that you’d like to apply for. If you are going after the competitive internships – make sure you have several back-up plans. You never know who you are competing against. At the beginning of October do some heavy research on each company’s internship program (hopefully most of that will be available on and make sure you have all of the deadlines written down. Most competitive programs will start accepting applications around November 1st. But be careful – some programs have application deadlines of the 1st of November – so get on it ASAP! We will start posting summer internship opportunities mid-October on



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