When should you start your fall internship ?

1 09 2008

Attention Fall Interns! First, I want to congratulate you all on obtaining an internship for the fall. It takes a very goal-oriented, career-savvy individual to take on the commitment of a Fall Internship. So I’m very impressed with all of you. Now, I want to make sure that you and your employers get the most of our your Fall Internships. I reccomend NOT starting your internship until after the first week of classes. I know that you think you are a “Super Student” and can do one million things at once – but take it from another “I think I’m a Superhero” type and hold off one week. Just take one week to get your classes in line – I know that class schedules tend to change around the first week of school. Get your academics line, buy your schoolbooks, and do whatever you need to prepare for your busy Internship and School and Work (if you have a job) schedule. I promise – you will be busy enough in a few weeks. Tell your employer that you’d like to take the first week to focus on school and make sure that the hours that you’ve committed to the internship are going to work with your school schedule. They would rather you come in organized and ready to go then flustered because school is insane. Take a week off – promise ?

And if you don’t have a Fall Internship yet – check out the listings on http://www.quarterlife.com/intern – we have plenty of employers looking for eager college students !




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