Fall Internships and Almost Friday!

26 09 2008

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to reach out before the weekend rolls around to provide some internship updates. I have taken the IMAX internship and GAME SHOW NETWORKS INTERNSHIP off of the site for now. We will repost when Spring/Summer semesters roll around – they found interns ! Hip Hip Hooray !

I heard back from a few of my internship coordinator contacts and they are so happy with the interns they have selected. I want to congratulate all of you who have successfully secured fall internships. And to those of you who haven’t yet, it is NOT to late ! I know that Starz Marketing Internships, Groundswell Film Internships, Polaris Entertainment Internships, Berman Braun Internships, Fashion – PR – and Entertainment Internships are all still available on the http://www.quarterlife.com/intern website. So log on and let me know which internships interest you. Also – please tell your friends about the site. I’m really excited to get more and more resumes in.

One of our intern friends, Reyna, posted a question on the blog. She asked what my feelings are on Online Portfolios and Resumes. My feeling is that if you are applying to a web internship or graphic design internship this is appropriate but you should have a traditional resume file as well. Our generation of interns is very tech-savvy which is great – but not all internship coordinators are that way. Most employers still appreciate and rather receive a traditional resume – in black and white – no pictures – nothing fancy.



The Intern Series: Initial Resume Check and Interview

24 09 2008

This post is specifically for internship coordinators, executives, and HR Representatives that are/have/or plan to interview POTENTIAL INTERNS (PIs – as I like to call them). I know that many of you are dealing with several resumes at a time. When you scan these resumes make sure you look at the following things:

1. Is the intern currently enrolled in school ? If the student graduated in May or June 2008 make sure to check with your company policy to see if it is alright to hire them. Most company policies do not want to hire a student for an unpaid internship if the student cannot receieve any sort of college credit.


What if you have found the PERFECT candidate for your internship BUT they just graduated college? I always tell individuals who have just graduated but still want to intern that they should contact their school. Sometimes, schools can recognize internships on transcripts even after the student has graduated. In most cases, as long as the internship can be somehow recognized on an official transcript – the person can go ahead with the internship.

2.  If you are seeking out fall or spring internship candidates, make sure they are attending school in the same city as the internship or a city close enough for commuting purposes.

3. Relevancy. Make sure the student seems focused on this field. You want someone serious about understanding your business and industry. Check the students major, previous jobs, and previous experience. You want to notice at least one item on the resume that says “I am trying to work in this field”.

I would recomend doing an in-person interview with every potential intern before hiring them. You want to look at the following when they come in:

1. Did they “dress the part” ? Did they make an effort to look presentable for the internship interview?

2. Do they have good communication skills ? Are they making an attempt to speak with you ? Are they conversational ? Do they provide more than “one word” answers to the questions you ask them ?

TIP: I always like to begin an interview by saying, “Tell me about yourself and your professional  goals” – This usually gets the student speaking and doesn’t allow them to give you a “one word” answer. If the student will be answering phones, assisting customers and/or clients, or pitching you want to make sure that they speak clearly and effortlessly. You want to know that after training them, they will be able to communicate your thoughts and instructions to others.

3. Ask them what they would like to get out of the internship. You want to make this experience beneficial for both of you. When I have interns that have a heavy PR focus, I try to involve them with PR opportunities and have them sit on my PR calls. Gauge the students interests so that you can offer them something in return. Internships shouldn’t be a one way street. They help us – We help them. This question will also let you know if the internship is right for them. I had a student apply to intern with me and he told me he wants to be a sports team manager – I told him I thought other opportunities might be better for him to reach his final goals. We aren’t here to waste time in a student’s career path. The internship should help the student decide if the particular field is one where they can see themselves in the future.

TIP: NEVER offer the internship on the spot. This makes your internship look easy to obtain. You want the student to leave and think about it for a while. You want to maintain an impression of “prestige” for your internship program. Calling the student later that day or the following day is appropriate. If you are not making any decisions for a long amount of time, try to properly communicate that to the student. Manage their expectations properly.

TIP: Once you offer a student the internship, tell them that you would like them to take the evening to think about it and call you the following day with an answer. This eliminates putting a student on the spot and having them flake out later on in the semester. I’d rather you not have to train several different interns if at all possible.

www.quarterlife.com/intern currently features over 250 Entertainment/Journalism/Web/PR Internship Listings in New York, California, and Chicago. We are currently expanding to Hartfod and Des Moines Regions. We are currently expanding into marketing/advertising/and sports internships. Please contact me asap with any questions/tips/leads.  We have currently received over 400 resumes from students looking for Fall 2008 Internships. We have placed students at Universal Music Group, Interscope Records, VH1 Publicity, Jinks/Cohen Productions, BOP/Tiger Beat Magazine, Sony Pictures Television, Village Road Show, Silver Pictures, The Daily Buzz, Overbrook Entertainment, Feinstein/McGuiness PR, and CollegeCandy.com. Thanks so much to all of you who have really helped to build my site.


Lauren Berger

“The Intern Queen”



24 09 2008

Hey there potential interns ! Sorry I haven’t left any advice for you guys in a week or so … but I’m full of Internship Gossip ! I have the latest on who is hiring and who is DONE hiring. Now, as I’ve said I still have PLENTY OF INTERNSHIPS LEFT !!! There are over 200 companies still looking for Fall Interns. All students should send me their resumes and list the companies you are interested in – it is not too late.

US WEEKLY Magazine, APA Agency, VH1 Publicity, and Jinks/Cohen Productions have all selected their interns. The internship that I received the most resumes for, Universal Studios Development Internship, is has also closed the door for fall internships – BUT – not to worry – your Intern Queen has you fully stocked with other great opportunities. I recently posted the following internship opportunities:

Holland and Sherry Interior Design Internship in New York

AAU Sports internship in Orlando, Florida

In the world of Public Relations Internships we now have the following internships available:

Rogers and Cowan Internships

Allison and Partners PR Internships

ID-Public Relations Internships

In the entertainment world we now feature:

The Game Show Network Internship – Marketing Intern

The Game Show Network Internship – Radio Intern

Out of the Blue Entertainment (Sid Ganis’s company) Internship

Zfat Productions in New York Internship

Hit and Run Productions Internship in New York

Scott Sternberg Productions in New York

And some other PRIVATE A-LIST Production Companies

In the fashion world we have:

Little Society Clothing Company in Los Angeles

Men’s Vogue Internship in New York

So tell all of your friends and anyone that needs an amazing fall internship ! I’ll be speaking at Mt. St. Mary’s College tomorrow at 11AM !!

Happy Internships !


Lauren Berger – Your “Intern Queen”

Intern Advice of the Day: Change Your Emails !

12 09 2008

Attention Students !! I want you to go to your computers right now and change your email addresses to something professional that doesn’t make your email A. Look like spam B. Look like you are a pornstar C. Look young and immature. Your email should be some version of your name and I suggest you get a gmail account. Hotmail accounts are blocked from some individuals accounts because of the spam factor. You can always keep your screen name that you’ve had forever. Mine is still Princessl84@aol.com. However, you must work and send your resumes from an email account that looks dignified and professional. I don’t want to see anymore resumes being sent to me from “BeachBaller” or “IluvNelly” – remember, your email address is a reflection of your future. Make it look nice and represent you properly.

Check out the new internships listed on http://www.quarterlife.com/intern. So far, we have over 200 students involved with our programs.

xo Lauren “The Intern Queen”

Also, watch my KTLA Segment at http://www.ktla.com  (Go to Morning News @ 9 and then click the video player)

Intern Queen on KTLA in the AM

10 09 2008

Hey potential interns !

I’m going to be on KTLA in the morning at 9:20AM – so if you live in the Los Angeles area be sure to tune in. Otherwise, I’ll try to get a copy to play somewhere on my site. I’ll be speaking about Quarterlife, Celebrity Internships, Internship Tips, How to Make the Most Out of Your Internships, etc. so make sure to tune in !

Also, please note that the clothes I’ll be wearing come from ELIZABETH ALBERT – a great boutique in Toluca Lake/Burbank area. If you are in the area, make sure to check out the store. They have great designer duds and also affordable accessories. The website for the store is http://www.elizabethalbert.com and tell the owner, Susan, that Lauren sent you 🙂


Lauren Berger

“The Intern Queen”

Internship Q & A With the Intern Queen

5 09 2008

Q:  I did not finish college and I am almost 29 years old. I’ve been looking through your internship postings every one of them want college students. What can I do?

A: Most companies have strict rules stating that if interns are going to be unpaid, they must be currently enrolled in school and receive college credit. However, this doesn’t mean that ALL companies have this rule. I would spend time researching smaller companies that might allow for interns that are not college students. Also, look for paid internships. If the opportunity is paid, the company will be more likely to allow someone who isn’t currently enrolled in school. Another option would be to contact the school you previously attended and see what you can do to get credit or credit recognition on your transcript. Best of luck and contact me with anymore questions 🙂
Q: I know it is a bit early to be looking for summer internships. But, when should I email you my resume? I was also considering applying to the competitive summer internship programs. Thank you for your time!
A: It is never too early to have internships on your mind.  Start your summer internship search now by making a list of 10-15 companies that you’d like to apply for. If you are going after the competitive internships – make sure you have several back-up plans. You never know who you are competing against. At the beginning of October do some heavy research on each company’s internship program (hopefully most of that will be available on Quarterlife.com/intern) and make sure you have all of the deadlines written down. Most competitive programs will start accepting applications around November 1st. But be careful – some programs have application deadlines of the 1st of November – so get on it ASAP! We will start posting summer internship opportunities mid-October on Quarterlife.com/intern.

It is NOT too late to get a FALL INTERNSHIP!!

3 09 2008

Happy Tuesday and welcome back to work/school/internships everyone ! I want to let all of my potential interns know that it is NOT too late to get a Fall Internship. Many companies are just starting to put their feelers out for Fall Interns TODAY! I think it’s an “After Labor Day” thing to do! People are realizing that they really need some great interns around to help get organized and get projects done. Today I’m happy to announce the following great internship opportunities:

These are all right near your fingertips at http://www.quarterlife.com/intern !
If you are a LOS ANGELES STUDENT looking for an internship make sure to take advantage of these opportunities in the Fall. Come Summertime, you will have the “out of state” kids to compete with. Right now, the internships are much less competitive – still hard to get – but not as crazy as when summer rolls around.