How Many Internships Should You Apply For ?

29 08 2008

A long weekend is approaching. College Students, get to your computers and start looking into internships for the Fall. I know that the California schools start in a few weeks – so when you have some downtime over the weekend scan the internships on If we don’t have what you are looking for shoot me an email at and I’ll try to aim you in the right direction. We have some great partner-sites that we are working with. Sites like,, and have some great resources as well.

New Opportunities !! If you are a writer-at-heart check out the internship at MORE MAGAZINE, and THE NIBBLE ONLINE MAG, both in New York City. Another cool opportunity for writers is The Irene Skolnick Literary Agency (also in NYC) – great for those who want to go into publishing. For potential interns who want MUSIC INTERNSHIPS check out the UFO/Invasion Group internship posting and the CLEAR CHANNEL Internship. We are fully stocked on Entertainment Internships – so be sure to check out the ENTIRE list. Remember, if they are up there – they are still looking for interns.

I had lots of students asking me how many internships they should apply for today….My answer is, for the Fall Semester apply for at least 5 internships and then wait about one full week. If you haven’t heard from any companies after one week I’d apply to five more. Companies tend to move faster with hiring interns for the Fall. Interns are harder to get because of everyone’s crazed schedules. I never reccomend applying for only one internship – Especially when that one internship is at a popular company.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend – Be Safe – Think Internships! – Check it out !



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