More Internships for College Students !!

27 08 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer – and for all of you students that had a college internship – give yourself a hand! Keep in mind that Fall Internships are right around the corner. Most Fall Internships start about two weeks after your classes start and run through the end of the Fall Semester (December-ish). So if you don’t already have a solid Fall Internship – it might be something to look into. Please email me at if you have any questions regarding Fall Internships.

The Quarterlife Internship Program currently has approx 140 internships posted. Right now most of our internships are in Entertainment, Magazines, and Web Companies. Yesterday, I added internships at US WEEKLY Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, IMAX Corporation, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Overture Films, Thruline Entertainment, Intrepid Pictures, and a Universal Pictures Development Internship – These are perfect for film students ! I hope that you all visit the site – check out the listings that interest you and email me with your resumes. I look forward to going through them and sending them to my team of Internship Coordinators at each company.

FALL INTERNSHIP ADVICE: Don’t think your town/city has “cool” enough places to intern ?  Think Again! Having a fall internship on your resume is something that can automatically help you land your fancy summer internship opportunity. If you are interested in magazines – find a local magazine to intern with for a few days during the fall. Big companies look for local experience. So get on it and get something local and great for the Fall!




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